Llama Trekking

Llama Trekking

Hike Farther with Llamas

Hike Farther in Greater Comfort

Llamas offer the ability to hike farther into the backcountry, to do so more comfortably with a lighter backpack, do eat more elaborate meals, and to bring more creature comforts like camp chairs, dutch ovens, coolers and more.

Llamas are Amazing Trail Companions

Amazing Trail Companions

Many of our guests hike with llamas for the convenience, but end up falling in love with them. They are friendly, intelligent, hard-working animals many of whom love a special treat or neck rub. We've had more than a few guests in tears saying good-bye to the llamas!

Llamas are Low Impact

Low Impact Pack Animals

Llamas have a far lighter footprint (literally and figuratively) on the land than other types of pack animals. Llamas lead to far less trail erosion and meadow denusion than mules and horses, require less and more streamlined feed, and graze less on native vegetation.

Llamas are Great with Kids

Great with Kids

We have many families who join our llama trekking adventures, and it can be a magical experience for the kids. Llamas are wonderful with children, to the point that kids can lead them, bond with them, feed them, care for them, and love them!

Amazing Destinations

World Class Itineraries

The llamas are only part of the equation of course - the scenery, wildlife, and natural features of the itinerary you join are the ultimate sellers of a llama trek. Our trips are in world-class destinations on hand-picked, award-winning itineraries.

Amazing Food

Wonderful Meals

Good food is more than a perk or luxury on a wilderness trek - it's a matter of safety. A wonderful meal not only fuels the body but can vastly increase morale after a rain storm or a long day of hiking. Our guests consistently rave about our llama trek meals!